Cheque Printing Solutions

Manual/Electronic Cheque Writer Machines & Cheque Printing Software

Pro & Easy Cheque Printing Software

Come with One USB Dongle Key (License Key)
One Installer CD and One User manual

> Support All Malaysia Bank Cheque
> Support Multi Cheque Format
> Support Unlimited Bank and Company Account
> Support Inkjet, Dot-Matrix and Laser Printer
> Automatic Number to Word Conversion
> Auto Save Payee Name To Database
> Auto 2nd Line For Long Payee Name
> Import Payee List From Excel
> Allow Multiple PC Installation

OAshine Electronic Cheque Writer

14 digits display and print funtion

MAX Electronic Cheque Writer (made in Japan)

Clear Printing & Deep Embossing.

Paymaster Manual Cheque Writer

8 Column imprint capacity